The background of my work - I have graduated Estonian Academy of Arts with a degree in Creation of Environment (BA). Kuressaare Regional Training Centre also turned out to be a good choice - I am a ceramicist. These opportunities have given me time to discover what kind of creativity is inside me and how to bring it out. 

The main materials from which I make my products are natural leather and washable kraft paper, which can also be called vegan leather. I am interested in different natural textiles such as strong cotton and linen.

You have the opportunity to get to know with the my designed and made funky creations - bags, pots, aprons, cups and also other exciting things that can shake your frames:)

While I make my products, I also like to use leftover materials. It adds a special value to the product - uniqueness. Plus I am using available resources which means less footprint.

What can we wish for those who are interested? Find opportunities to discover your creativity within yourself and try to express that in an earthly form. More courage to be somewhere in a fantasy world and get to know yourself there so you could share your exciting story with others creations - bags, pots, aprons, cups and other exciting things that shake the frames :)

My products are represented by the registered trademark GEAL - the letters of my name – which have good vibes on it.

Wind to the wings of your dreams!


+372 501 9535

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Estonian study travelers in Budapest. DELFI 03.06.2020

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