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Pink chest-belt bag "Lu_roosa"


P.S. If the product is out of stock at the time of ordering, it is possible to make an order to the e-mail address kollane.disain@gmail.com. Order time is around 2-6 weeks. Postage outside of Estonia depends on destination.

This zippered chest-belt bag is simple and minimalist with added funk. The details are on the bag as well as on the strap. An ideal accessory that can hold important items such as a phone, keys, money, etc.

Measurements: bag size is 10.5 x 23.5 cm, black vegetable tanned leather strap is 2 x ca 120 cm, which is removable and has carbines at the ends
Material: pink metallic, washable kraft paper covered with foil
Additional: metallic fittings

This bag can be also worn vertically on the chest or horizontally on the waist.

Information about product maintenance can be read here: https://gealdesign.eu/page/washable-paper and

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